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Combination of old and new, of both exciting and peaceful, light and dark, traditional and contemporary, a combination of opposites and similarities… All of these elements make Belgrade unique at this part of the Europe and gives you myriads of reasons to visit and enjoy your stay again and again.


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Belgrade is a combination of very wealthy and turbulent HISTORY and it is one of the oldest and most destroyed cities of the Europe. Its history is counted in thousands of years. During this course of time Belgrade was the center of many events, both fortunate and unfortunate, but it succeeded to keep its uniquenessand retain the spirit of past and present times. Many parts of the present-day, contemporary Belgrade lie on the relics of a rich history that makes one to show respect and to commit himself to guard the priceless heritage for the future generations.


A city’s connection to history is always the CULTURE. As the capital city, Belgrade is the center of our country’s culture. A great number of theaters, cinemas, museums and galleries represent the proof that Belgrade lives through its culture;therefore, by preserving the culture, we can contribute to our city’s promotion. There are a couple of hundreds of events, of various contents held in Belgrade every year, meaning that the taste of the most fastidious guest will most certainly be pleased.



Great hopes have been laid in the TOURISM of our city, and over the past decades tourists have been justifying the efforts that were made. Over 700 000 tourists from all around the world visit Belgrade every year.


Even though we are a relatively small country, for years now we achieve great results in the field of SPORT. The worlds No 1 tennis player, Novak Djokovic is from Belgrade. Winner of many master and grand slam tournaments is one of the reasons to be thankful for, for making Serbia known as the “land of tennis” during the past decade. Asides from that, for the past several decades Serbia has been also a “land of basketball”, and Vlade Divac, DejanBodiroga and many others are world known basketball players.

Sports “attraction” of our city is the Kombank arena, which hosted the most visited game in the Euroleague (game between Serbian Partizan and Russian CSK), that was followed by over 21.000 fans.



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