Knez Mihailova street

What’s for Rome Via del Corso, for Vienna Maria Hilfe Strasse, for Barcelona Las Ramblas, for Paris Champs Elysées, for Belgrade it is KNEZ MIHAILOVA STREET. This street was given a nickname „KNEZ“ by the people of Belgrade. This street is the longest and the most popular pedestrian zone in our capital city, and also an ideal place for shopping with where national and foreign fashion brands stand side by side. Asides from being rich in boutiques „KNEZ“ and its cross streets are stacked with coffee shops and restaurants, where you can take a break from exhausting, yet successful shopping. While you are having your walk, you can „take a look up high“ where stand proudly series of beautiful old buildings from 18th, 19th and the beginning of 20th century.


Mountain and tower Avala

Close to our capitol city is the “Belgrade mountain” Avala. It is known as a picnic place and as ideal spot for recreation. For decades now Avala attracts local population and tourists to relax and enjoy at its slopes. Symbol of this beautiful mountain is the Avala Tower, the only tower in the world that in for its cross section has an equilateral triangle that symbolizes Serbian tripod for sitting. It can be visited every day from 9am to 5pm and you can take a break at the restaurant at its top.



Throughout entire Serbian history taverns have had a great impact. There were held business meetings, deals were cut, and rebellions were raised. Taverns were also the gathering place for highly intelligent people, and they are known to be the place of origin of some of the most beautiful poems of our most known poets.

„Zlatni bokal“ (Golden Kettle), „Tri šešira“ (Three Hats), „Dva jelena“ (Two Deers), „Šešir moj“ (My Hat), „Ima dana”, „Dva bela goluba“ (Two White Pigeons), are some names of popular taverns in bohemian Belgrade quarter. Skadarlija offers a wide range of traditional Serbian entertainment – national cuisine, galleries, cafes, pastry shops, charming ladies, travelling actors, Serbian souvenirs… All of these things in one street, which gives you enough entertainment till dawn. Skadarlija goes from the very heart of the city, down to lower Dorcol and at every inch of it offers some sort of fun, which leaves no one immune.


Ada Ciganlija

A small river island near the confluence of Sava and Danube called Belgrade Sea. It’s a famous bathing area visited daily by thousands during summertime. Ada abounds in variety of daily contents: bike paths with rent-a-bike, tennis halls, golf courses, water skiing and a lot of other sport contents. It even contains a wedding park. Thanks to these attractions Ada gets visited by almost half of million of people daily. During the night you can have amazing time if you are a fan of urban sound and beautiful Serbian girls. Along the island there are dozens of cafes and clubs from which music can be heard at almost any part of the day and it makes your “hips swing”.


Great war island (at the very confluence of Sava and Danube)

At the other side of the city there is a similar place as Ada – it’s the Great War Island, more popular under the name of Lido. There, their habitat found rare birds of international significance, due to developed vegetation and large water surfaces. Lido is, next to Ada famous “summer resort” of Belgrade’s residents.



The second best preserved fortress in Europe, a crossroad of many conquerors – from Celts, Avar people, Romans to Turks, the Kalemegdan fortress preserved its uniqueness and charm, which gets even more intensive and emphasized as the time passes. History of this unique and widely famous complex is as old as the history of Belgrade. Great attraction of Belgrade is the Roman well built in the first half of 18th century. It is located on the wall of the Upper town (Kalemegdan is divided into Upper and Lower Town) near the monument the Victor (Pobednik) one of the most recognizable symbols of Kalemegdan, and Belgrade.

Its name originated from words kale-field and ­megdan-fight, since in the old days it was a watching tower. Today Kalemegdan is the most important historical and cultural complex, at the center of which is the Belgrade fortress located above the confluence of Sava and Danube. A breathtaking view of Belgrade spreading from plateau of Kalemegdan will certainly be something you will remember, and its walls will take you back to ancient times, which witnessed many fights over this magnificent part of the Balkans.

The Zoo, children amusement parks, sports fields, Museum of Natural History, Military Museum and numerous catering establishments are only some of attraction that will draw your attention to Kalemegdan.

At the Lower Town awaits yet another attraction –Tower of Nebojsa. The Tower’s name originated from a Serbian verb – not to be afraid – ne boj se, but it was somewhat incorrectly remembered as the Tower of Nebojsa (a Serbian male name) in the 17th century. This building with its octagonal shape four stories and 22 meters of height awakes only respect in the eyes of visitors.

Openings for cannons on each side of the tower date back to ancient times when it was used as a watchtower and homeland’s bumper. Working hours: every day (except Mondays) from 10 am to 20 pm (June - August) and from 10 am to 18 pm (September - May).


Botanical garden

Belgrade Botanical garden “Jevremovac” is a space of about 5 hectares, with 500 species of trees, bushes, plants from all around the world, and it is something that will draw your attention for paying it a visit. Botanical garden - an oasis located at the very heart of the city, that provides pleasure for your senses of smell and vision is our kind recommendation to see if you ever stay in Belgrade during the summer, autumn or spring. It is open for visitors from 1st May to 1st November (9am to 19pm).



One of the four observation towers of Austro – Hungarian empire is a millennium monument on Gardos or the Tower “Sibinjanin Janka”; one more piece of the rich cultural and historical heritage of our city. At the highest point of the municipality of Zemun stands this beautiful building, which can be visited and where you can experience a view similar to the one from Kalemegdan plateau. This site is part of the old Zemun which was, due to its features, named “New Skadarlija” by journalists. We strongly recommend seeing this site.


The church of saint sava

The construction of this monument of culture, religion and enlightenment lasted over 8 centuries and it still remains unfinished, The Church of Saint Sava is the biggest Orthodox Church in the world and it is placed in our capital city. This church was built in the place where the remains of Saint Sava, the greatest Serbian enlightener were burned, at municipality of Vracar. Its size and beauty are breathtaking and its unique dome can be seen from many parts of the city.


Shopping centres

Serbs are great shopaholics… Therefore, asides from Knez Mihailova Street and King Alexander’s boulevard, where can be found many world famous brands, other popular shopping places are these shopping malls:


Delta city




 Republic square

At the beginning of Knez Mihailova Street is the central Square of Belgrade – the Republic Square, which is considered the center of the city. At the center of the square is the famous statue “The horse” which represents the prince Mihailo Obrenovic at a time when Belgrade was liberated from the Ottoman Empire.  In front of the monument is the National theatre, and on its left is the National museum. It is widely known as the gathering place of younger population when going out.



 House of flowers

To the man adored by many and disputed by many – Josip Broz Tito, is dedicated the memorial complex known as the House of flowers. Whether you were a pioneer of Tito’s Serbia or not, visit the House of flowers and you will be able to sense do spirit of those past times.


 The white palace

Royal complex placed in the most beautiful part of the city. It was constructed per wishes of king Alexander I, and the White Palace is placed at the same complex with the Royal Compound. The construction lasted from 1934 to 1937, and the Royal Compound lasted from 1924 – 1929, also by the command of His Royal Highness king Alexander I. Many precious things and unique pieces of art will most certainly amaze you with their luxury and timelessness. These buildings can be visited every Saturday and Sunday from 6th April to 26th October in two tours at 11am or 14pm.


Nikola tesla museum

 Famous scientist of Serbian origin indebted the Serbian people which honored him with this museum. The museum is placed at the central area of Belgrade in a villa from 1929 and represents a unique facility of science and culture in Serbia. Its significance goes beyond the boundaries of our country. It is the only museum that possesses personal belongings of Nikola Tesla; original documents, plans, drawings, books and magazines, photographs, technical exhibits, instruments and devices. They are counted in thousands and so are the reasons why you should visit this magnificent museum.

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